Names Kathlyn - Characteristics

Names Kathlyn - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

Kathlyn is one of Catherine's derivatives, and Kathlyn is a feminine given name of Greek origin.

Kathlyn comes from the Greek term Aikaterinê derived from the Greek adjective kathara translating as "pure".


Kathlyn Williams (1879-1960), American actress.

The Kathleen variant also includes many eponymous celebrities including: Kathleen Horvath, Kathleen Atkinson and Kathleen Harter, American tennis players, Kathleen Turner and Kathleen Quinlan, actresses, Kathleen Battle, soprano, Kathleen Mary Drew-Baker, famous English botanist ...

A young Christian from Alexandria, Catherine became a martyr by refusing to apostatize to 310. Considered in the Catholic tradition as the patron saint of philosophers and teachers, Saint Catherine had a great general culture and exceptional oratorical skills.

His character :

Characterized by a keen and alert mind, Kathlyn is astounded by her intelligence and vitality. In her social relationships, Kathlyn puts people at ease with her friendly smile and legendary sweetness. Not knowing hypocrisy and hating lies, Kathlyn embodies sincerity and honesty.


Kathleen, Catlyn, Kathlen, Kathlyne and Kathlyna are all variations of Kathlyn.

His party :

The Kathyn are honored every November 25 in memory of St. Catherine.

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