Prénom Henrik - Meaning and origin

Prénom Henrik - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variant of Henry, the name Henrik comes from the German "heim" and "rik" which translates as "home or home" and "king"


Presenting himself as an "aristocratic anarchist", Henrik Ibsen is a Norwegian playwright.
Henrik Schwarz is a German composer and musician of deep house.
Henrik Larsson, nicknamed Henke, is a footballer of Swedish origin.
Nicknamed King Henri, Henrik Lundqvist is a professional Swedish ice hockey player.
Henrik Zetterberg is a professional ice hockey player who plays with the Detroit Red Wings in the National Hockey League.
Henrik Stenson is a famous Swedish golfer.

His character :

Under a calm and gentle appearance, Henrik conceals an iron will and a certain attraction for power. Henrik is an open-minded man with a keen intelligence. Brilliant and skilled, he shows a speed of action and understanding that others envy. Sure of himself and authoritarian, he likes to impose his ideas and his principles. He appreciates indeed being the center of interest and does everything to attract attention. He also tends to abuse his power of seduction. Shy and discreet, this man has some difficulty showing his feelings. With a strong sensitivity, he can be easily shocked. Henrik is also sensitive to luxury, beautiful things, comfort ... It is very demanding in terms of taste and standard of living.


Henric, Henri, Henriot, Enric, Henrique, Henry, Henrico, Henrich and Henrius.

His party :

The party dedicated to people named Henrik is scheduled for July 13th.

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