Outcrops of a portion of the viscera through a weaker region of the abdominal wall.
They are of several natures:
- the umbilical hernia: it is explained by the excessive width of the umbilical ring which did not close after birth. It disappears spontaneously around the age of 5-6 years.
- Inguinal hernia: the intestine protrudes into the scrotum when the child coughs or jumps, then enters the abdomen. It is necessary to wait a few months before making sure that the hernia will not disappear spontaneously. If not, surgery is necessary.
Only emergency: the hernia "strangled" which combines vomiting and cries of pain.
- The hernia of the ovary: the size of an olive nucleus, it is located at the pubis, just above one of the labia majora. The risk is the twisting of the vessels from the abdomen to the ovary, which becomes inflamed.