Traveling pregnant, what precautions?

Traveling pregnant, what precautions?

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This year, you have an extra passenger ... Whether you take the car, the plane or the train to travel, here's how to arrive safely and comfortably, you and your future baby.

By car: your best friend is the belt!

  • Even if it's uncomfortable, even painful, especially during the last weeks of pregnancy, do not give up the seatbelt! Only in this way will you and your future baby be protected in the event of an accident. Studies have shown that an attached mother and child have a much higher chance of survival than if the belt has not been buckled. A shock against the steering wheel, for example, may result in detachment of the placenta and cause early contractions or miscarriage.
  • For better protection, place the top of the belt between the chest and stomach. At the pelvis level, the belt during pregnancy must pass between the belly and thighs: thus during an accident, the pressure is distributed evenly over your body sparing a little belly. To prevent the seat belt from slipping while driving, you can place a small cushion.

The right driving position

  • However, it is not only the belt that must be well positioned, you too: the folder should be adjusted as straight as possible. Stay at least 25 cm away from the steering wheel: it's the best way to protect yourself and your passenger in an accident.

Alone on the road until the 6th month without problem

  • Every week, your belly becomes more and more rounded and your freedom of movement is restricted. This can, under certain conditions, cause you to react less quickly and with less flexibility in critical situations. That's why, from the 6th month, you should if possible let you drive rather than driving, it's much less stressful. If, however, you can not give up your car even shortly before birth, take a passenger as often as possible.

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