A flawless complexion

A flawless complexion

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A glowing face, a perfect complexion, you dream? It's possible ! Cosmetologists have concocted for you makeups that ensure a peach skin. Foundation and powder ... overview of these products that want you well.


  • A perfect complexion is at once matt, luminous, transparent and velvety. His secret? The foundation, which must be in affinity with your skin type. The trend is at the bottom of complexion says "all types of skin", that is to say without any particular problem. On the other hand, if it is fat, choose a fluid with a matte finish whose formula will not be sticky. Your skin is very dry? A creamy texture, more creamy is required, otherwise it pulls! As for the compact foundation, composed of foundation and powder, it is the ally of normal to combination skin.

How to choose?

  • Finding the right color is the hardest step, but it is the only guarantee of a natural and rewarding make-up.
  • The right method: apply by keys on the jaws the two shades that seem to come closest to your complexion. Melt them on the skin. The good is the one that disappears completely. If it looks yellow, it is too dark. She turns gray? She is too bright.
  • If you can not find the perfect shade, you can still mix two foundations.

How to apply it?

  • On the finger or the sponge, to each its preference. If you use your fingers, moisturize them so that the product does not catch and the right dose melts and stretches perfectly. Fan of the sponge? Choose it very soft and rounded at the corners. Deposit a dab of product, fold the sponge on itself to distribute the foundation evenly. Wash it regularly with soap or shampoo and let it air dry.
  • An advice : avoid clumps of material on the eyebrows and hairline that betray the beginner. Not terrible the perfect complexion with sticky hair! Start at the center of the face and stretch outward. Blend along the neck and brush the eyelids and ear lobes.

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