A souvenir book to keep a record of 9 exceptional months

If you are already a mother, you know that pregnancy is a magical time, which we often think back with nostalgia. And if you're expecting your first baby, trust us: you're living 9 months of incredible wealth, a magical parenthesis in your life. A period that deserves a precise and illustrated souvenir album: a birth photo book.

Small worries and great happiness

Pregnancy is a really special time for a woman. And every pregnancy is unique. So every moment of these 9 months, which will make you a mom, deserves to be lived thoroughly, but also to leave a memory. Because in a few months, you will want to remind you of every little moment of this magic period. You will remember even nostalgically morning sickness or tiredness! You will want to relive the ultrasounds, to remind you the first baby's kick in your belly, to remember the music you were listening to, the trips you made with "baby on board" ...

All these small and great moments deserve to be carefully recorded. For you, and for your child later. But now you must think about it: prepare your birth photo book!

Note everything, photograph everything! 

The birth photo book is a photo book like no other. It is the privileged place in which you will be able to tell all your pregnancy. So, especially, think about taking pictures of every special moment: the announcement to dad or future grandparents, appointments at the doctor, the events you have experienced during this period (travel, outings, meetings ... ), your belly rounding ... Remember to note what you live, what you feel. Clearly, write down everything, day by day. Anything that may seem trivial to you at the moment, may seem to you with the benefit of hindsight or even touching. You will even re-think with emotion about your pregnancy dresses and your weight curve! So keep an accurate "logbook", note everything, you will sort later. And of course draw your smartphone at the slightest opportunity to take pictures.

Tell your story

You carefully collected all the info, dates, photos? Now is the time to tell the story of your pregnancy, the positive test on the day of delivery, to compose a book that you will love to browse later - and show your child one day!

To do this, simply go to the website of an online provider, who offers you to compose personalized photo books. MyAlbumPhoto, for example, has even planned models specifically designed to create birth books, and offers models with soft colors and joyful. You can then add your photos, your texts and comments ... The layout is very simple thanks to the online tool, which allows you to place your photos and add your texts.

And of course, after the baby is born, continue to record everything that happens to you day by day. You will be able to create your next photo book: the baby photo book!