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A small pill against attention disorders?

A small pill against attention disorders?

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Are our children the new victims of pharmaceutical labs? Inattention, difficulties to concentrate ... and here they are labeled "sick", suffering from the new contemporary pathology: ADHD, with the temptation of a prescription of small pills to the key. Are we skidding?

  • A child often distracted? Who has trouble concentrating on school or homework? In the past, it seemed like he was dreaming or in the moon. But these expressions of another time have now given way to resolutely medical terms. Because it's well of the famous ADHD or attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity it is a true mental pathology referenced in the bible of American psychiatry, the DSM (Manual diagnosis and statistics of mental disorders), a basic tool for psychiatrists worldwide.
  • But, apparently, by drawing all the way the term ADHD, we would go a little fast! "We are currently diagnosing ADHD by excess", notes Professor Brigitte Chabrol, head of pediatrics and pediatric neurology at the Timone Hospital in Marseille and president of the French Society of Pediatrics (SFP).
  • "As a learned society, we must remember that the medical definition of ADHD is based on extremely precise criteria, that this disorder affects about 5% of children and no more.It is also essential to point out that the diagnosis can not be Asked by a specialist and knowledgeable about this disorder, we call for more rigor, "she insists.

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