A mother has the right to have fun

Subway, work, sleep, to which must be added nursery, bath, dinner, shopping, washing, ironing ... Who can decently hold at this rate? You? But for what result? Do you give yourself 15 minutes of relaxation a day? No, though, that would be the minimum.

So, as soon as you get back to school, make sure you have two hours a week just for you, two hours of fun - not the abdo-glutes session that takes you back to your old body. Go instead to have a tea with a friend or with her on the terrace. If your budget allows, treat yourself to a small massage, a hammam, a quiet movie ... without giving any account to anyone. And engrave it, at the beginning of the year, as an unavoidable moment.

A mother has the right to help

Help is not only for the well-to-do! Is it better to have a ski week in the winter or a few hours of cleaning from time to time during the year? When children are small, snow-covered peaks, this is not necessarily the ideal place. And then the help, it is not necessarily paying. Your mother, your neighbor, your girlfriend may perhaps from time to time relieve you of a "constraint". Some mothers are self-help pros. Ask your girlfriends: they probably have a good combination to pass you.

Carole Renucci

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