A baby ... when I can!

A baby ... when I can!

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You have decided to become parents for the first, second ... third time and you are wondering about your fertility. The point to put all the chances on your side.

"Just know its cycle to fall easily pregnant": True and false

  • As you know, it is at the time of ovulation that fertilization can be done. Yes, but when exactly does it fall? Theoretically at the 14th day of the cycle from the first day of menstruation, but the hormonal calendar is not of a rigorous regularity. This famous cycle is thus more or less long according to women and subject to the influence of stress and fatigue. So how do you know if it's a good day to have sex and a baby at the same time?
  • There are several methods: for example take your temperature every day in the first half of the cycle to spot a small increase of a few tenths signaling ovulation. But it will be necessary to have cuddles before that time and not after. Hard to anticipate. You can also use immunological ovulation tests that determine the hormonal peak. The advantage is that they signal the favorable period 24 to 36 hours before the moment T. This gives you time to get in shape. Of course, urinating every morning at a fixed time on the small pen is not very fun.
  • Otherwise, Dr. Laurence Levy-Dutel simply advises "to have two to three intercourse a week regardless of the pace and whatever the cycle." More natural ... and more glamorous, finally.

"It's 20 years old when it's easiest to be pregnant": True

  • 20-25 years: it is indeed the beautiful age to make babies, with a 25% chance of being pregnant per cycle. The problem is that the time to have the first child continues to decline and that you go well when you plan to make a first baby around thirty, like the majority of French women. Women today must achieve professionalism, partners do not feel ready to take the plunge and time passes.
  • It's serious, it's too late? Do not panic ! "Until age 35, the prognosis is good enough and slowly decreases, reaching a probability of 12% to have one child per cycle until mid-life when it falls to 6%," says the gynecologist. But there is also the risk of miscarriage that increases with age, especially after 40 years. "These figures show that we must not waste time and that it is prudent not to be deluded by the positive mediatization of midlife pregnancies.Although they are very happy, they are more rare and more difficult "warns Dr. Laurence Levy-Dutel.

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