Baby's head: what can surprise

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You do not get tired of admiring your baby, but his head feels weird? Flattened, deformed, imperfect, almost bald, full of crusts of milk ... you wonder about its small imperfections and its fragility.

Head of baby: what can surprise (9 photos)

His head has an imperfect shape

During delivery, your baby's head has been under a lot of pressure. It may appear distorted, sugar loaf or even carrier of a blood-serum bump.
Do not be alarmed. This hump, soft to the touch, is not painful. It is formed during contractions when the cervix is ​​not yet fully dilated.
In a few days, everything will be back to normal. And your baby will find a pretty round skull.

His head is almost bald

Your baby is not alone in this case. Most newborns are born with a simple down on the top of the skull, usually black. This first shoot falls after a few months and gives way to thicker, lighter and smoother hair. Bald or not, there is nothing to predict what your child's hair will look like in the years to come. You can sometimes see bald patches on the back of your neck. This early baldness results from too much friction on the mattress. When your baby will lift his head and put on his stomach, the hair will grow back.

His head is bent to one side

In late pregnancy, your baby has trouble moving in the womb. He then places his head always on the same side. This is the beginning of a torticollis that you will find at birth.

Head bent to one side: what do I do?

The best treatment is gentle physiotherapy. Consult your doctor who will tell you the exercises to offer regularly.
Who says left torticollis says stimulation on the right and vice versa. If your infant's head is tilted to the left, place toys and mobiles on the right side of the bed.
When you change it, move to its right.
If you install it in a recliner, focus on the right side to talk to him and play it.

His head is flattened

Like all savvy moms, you put your baby on your back. However, this repeated daily posture can cause a slight flattening of the skull.
Without questioning this sleeping mode, of course, simple tips can prevent this deformity: alternate the position of the head, turn it to one side then the other, to prevent your baby from developing a side preferential. Then, as soon as your child opens the eye, propose him the position on the belly: it releases the support on the posterior part of the head and allows the acquisition of a better tone of the body.

His head is very flattened

If the deformity is very pronounced the doctors advise to put the baby on the opposite side to the flattened side, with the help of a wedge-baby.
Other instructions: Orient the bed in such a way that the light arrives on the opposite side of the deformation, arrange its familiar toys according to the same principle. This will help your baby turn his head by himself!

His head is covered with scabs of milk

No worries. Two out of three babies wear these scabs on the upper face, eyebrows or scalp, from the first week of life and sometimes up to 3 years.
This is due to maternal hormones, which, in late pregnancy, flood your newborn and are responsible for these excess sebum and the proliferation of fungi on his skin.

Crusts of milk: what do I do?

In prevention, brush your baby's hair every day with a soft brush.
Use a mild shampoo and gently massage her scalp. If scabs of milk appear, do not try to remove them.
Apply 2% salicylate Vaseline to soften. After a few hours, they will easily peel off with the brush.
Then a shampoo will make them disappear completely.
Be sure to dry your baby's head.
There are also homeopathic solutions, think about it!

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Baby's head: fragile attention!

We can never say it enough. You must never shake a baby. Too heavy, weakly supported by the muscles of the neck, his head remains vulnerable. In a jolt, she swings violently back and forth. Inside, the blood vessels can tear and the brain can hit the cranial box causing hemorrhage and then the formation of a hematoma. So, maximum sweetness ...

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