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Tricot: our autumn-winter models

Tricot: our autumn-winter models

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Hot striped sweaters, marinière, bonnets, scarves ... to knit a warm winter to your schoolboy, take inspiration from the models proposed in the October 2009 issue of. Explanations are given in sizes 4, 6 and 8 years old.

Striped blue mariner and hat

A very pretty sailor for your sailor! And to protect his little ears too, a matching soft hat.

The explanations of knitting.

Pink swimsuit

For your coquette, a loose-fitting model, but a magazine in old pink and knitted in a soft thread. Who's the cutest?

The explanations of knitting.

Striped sweater, scarf and beret

Want a cozy set? Why not this one and its pretty stripes. With its soft colors, it will go to both a girl and a boy.

The explanations of knitting.

Violet sailor and beret

Chic, a sailor! A mixed model, too, in trendy purple tones! And to top it off, a beret too cute.

The explanations of knitting.

Tricolor striped sweater

In the package of your sailor, this striped sweater will be the most beautiful effect. With its small buttons on the shoulders, it is easy to put on.

The explanations of knitting.

Marinière and chestnut hat

To face the bad weather, here is a soft sweater with its cap. The collar is original and the sides provide heat.

The explanations of knitting.

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All our models have been made with Phildar knitting yarns.

Creations: Patricia Antoine, Catherine Bouquerel and Juliette Liétar.