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Baby lounger: instructions for use

Baby lounger: instructions for use

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Whether it's a "classic" model or for bathing, the deckchair is often very practical from the first weeks of baby's life. Still have to choose it and use it correctly ...

What are the baby beds for?

  • The "normal" recliner looks pretty like a baby lounge chair, which you can usually carry around with you. Comfortable, it can be placed in several positions depending on the model, especially in the extended or semi-recumbent position. The latter allows baby to observe the world at ease and in perfect safety (baby is maintained using a harness). In addition, it does not prevent him from sleeping if he needs to nap ... You can also easily give his first small purées to baby in his deckchair, when will come the time of food diversification ...
  • Bath loungers, meanwhile, keep baby firmly and comfortably while you wash, in a semi-recumbent position. As baby is well maintained, you have both hands free to clean it.

Baby beds: at what age?

  • Most classic models are for babies from 0 to 12 months: rely on the product manual, some models are suitable only until the age of 6 or 9 months for example. As for bathing loungers, they are generally suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months (again, rely on the recommendations of the manufacturer).

How to choose a baby lounger?

  • Check that the recliner is "in compliance with the safety requirements", therefore the standards in force.
  • A good baby seat should have several positions (at least three: elongated, semi-reclining and sitting) and be cozy. Better to opt for a model "nomad", compact, if you want to take it everywhere with you.
  • To choose well, you must also take into account all the options of the model: the lounger pods can rock baby for example. Still others are equipped with an ark of games, or play sweet melodies ...
  • It's up to you to choose according to the use that you intend for the deckchair: some options are not very useful if you use it only for baby's naps for example. Anyway, a last tip: prefer the deckchairs with removable covers, easier to wash ...

How to use it safely?

  • Always ensure that the baby is well harnessed in his deckchair (the straps should not be too tight or too loose), and it should never be placed high (risk of falling if baby shakes too much).
  • As for bathing chairs, it must be ensured that the suction cups adhere perfectly to the bottom of the bath. If necessary, you can place a bath mat underneath if you find that the lounger slips. Another safety note: water should never reach above the height of the baby when it is installed in its deckchair. Moreover, even if it is well maintained, baby must always be constantly monitored when it is in the water ...

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