Your child 3-5 years

All at amusement parks!

With the arrival of good weather, why not plan a nice family outing in a leisure park? There are seven in the heart of the Hexagon that will seduce your little adventurer.

Nigloland (Champagne)

  • This park is free under 1 m! Like all the parks you say ... except that with more than 20 attractions from 2-3 years, it is really perfect for your little one. Another major advantage: it has very few queues. Your child will love the Antonine Farm above all else. Because this time, it's him who drives the tractor!
  • For who ? From 2 years old.
  • Information: or 03 25 27 94 52.

Le Pal (Auvergne)

  • Are you hesitating between a zoo and an amusement park? The Pal offers both! Side attractions, your toddler will embark on the train, swirl in the magic cups and navigate the lake raft ... Side zoo, he will admire the giraffes, gibbons, wolves, penguins and Jade elephant born in May! If you could manage to dislodge the miner with its biquets, rabbits, old hens and his little black sheep.
  • For who ? From 3 years old.
  • Information : or at 04 70 42 68 10.

The Futuroscope (Poitiers)

  • See you at Children's World, an outdoor space with games, fountains and its new carousel. But as early as 4-5 years, your little explorer will also adore sliding behind the scenes of cinema with Star of the future and diving Under the seas of the world ... And why not taste this funny molecular cuisine that makes you smoke like a dragon!
  • For who ? From 4 years old.
  • Information : or 05 49 49 30 80.

Asterix Park (Ile-de-France)

  • Rides at will from 2 years. From the month of June, Lutèce Plage will offer lots of water activities and jets of water that will refresh and delight your toddlers. the new Oziris attraction for the older ones. By Toutatis !
  • For who ? From 2 years old.
  • • Information:

Le Puy-du-Fou (Vendee)

  • No attractions, but breathtaking live shows. Its more? There are no queues! With your toddlers from 2 years, discover also its 1000 animals and its fantastic flora.
  • For who ? From 2 years old.
  • Information:

Walibi (Rhône-Alpes)

  • On 23 attractions, 18 are accessible from 90 cm, and 8 under 90 cm! This resolutely family-friendly park also offers a sea lion show and a mini-farm. Another Walibi park is located in Aquitaine.
  • For who ? From 2 years old.
  • Information:

The Sand Sea (Ile-de-France)

  • The only park where you can accompany your toddlers on all the attractions. 3 adventurous lands and 26 attractions of all kinds to discover. We love to take the boat Chikapas!
  • For who ? From 2 years old.
  • Information:

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