Name Jean-Matthieu - Meaning and origin

Name Jean-Matthieu - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Jean-Matthieu is composed of the Hebrew words "Yeo hanan" which means "God gives grace" and "Mattatyahu" translating as "Gift of God".


Jean-Matthieu Descamps, French footballer, Jean-Mathieu Alcalde, French rugby player, ean-Mathieu Nissen, Belgian painter, Jean-Matthieu Douladour, French publisher and printer, Jean-Mathieu Boris, Free French officer ...

Will your baby be a sportsman, a man of letters?

St. John and St. Matthew were both disciples of Christ. In the Christian tradition, St. John is considered the author of a Gospel, three epistles as well as the Apocalypse. He is referred to in the Bible as the "Disciple whom Jesus loved". St. Matthew is the most cultured apostle of Christ. He spoke both Greek and Aramaic and could read Hebrew.

His character :

Jean-Matthieu is someone generous. He is a courageous and idealistic person. He loves his loved ones unconditionally and is someone you can rely on. Romantic, Jean-Matthieu is also naturally curious and likes to share his knowledge.


John, Juan, Matthew, Matthew

His party :

The Jean-Matthieu are celebrated on December 27 and September 21.

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