Name Jean-David - Meaning and origin

Name Jean-David - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

John David is a compound name inspired by the Hebrew words "Yeohanan" and "Daoud" which can be translated as "well loved" and "God gives grace" respectively.


French comic writer Jean-David Morvan, footballers Jean-David Beauguel and Jean-David Legrand, French diplomat Jean-David Levitte, entrepreneur Jean-David Blanc, politician Jean-David Ciot, French entrepreneur Jean -David Blanc (the founder of AlloCiné) ...

King David is, in the Bible, the second ruler of Israel. He is presented as one of the founders of the former state of Israel. As a young shepherd of the tribe of Judah, David was called by King Saul to sing at his court. Designated champion of Israel by God himself, he defeated the giant Goliath and became the hero, then the king of the Jewish people. He is also credited with the Book of Psalms. In the Koran, he is presented as a prophet of Allah.

His character :

Curious, Jean-David has a great thirst for knowledge. Very demanding of himself, he demands the same from others and does not hesitate to push them in the right direction if necessary. He is an excellent friend full of generosity, always ready to please and to serve.


John, Evan, Ewan, Yoann, Giovanni, Ivan, Jann, Johann, Jannick, Jano, Hans, Ian, Ioannes, Joao, Johan, Johannus, Johnny, Juan, Sean, Vania, Dave, Davia, Daviane, Davina, Davioun, Davy, Dove, Taffy, Vida and Vidli.

His party :

The Jean-David are celebrated on December 27 or 29.

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