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Under the sun, what time exactly?

Under the sun, what time exactly?

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What time to go to the beach and how much time to stay with your toddler? To avoid the risk of sunstroke and sunburn, here are the rules to follow.

The good niche

  • Before 11 am and after 4 pm, it's the right time (and even the sul!) to go to the beach with a toddler. These recommendations are valid even if the sky is cloudy because the UV passes the cloud barrier.

Before 11 am and after 4 pm, it's a good time to go to the beach

  • No continuous days on the beach! It is better to avoid because the UV hits too hard at the wrong hours. In addition, toddlers are quickly exhausted and can not really rest, even under the umbrella that does not stop all the sun's rays.
  • A trick to know if it's really the right time: the shadow of your silhouette projected on the ground when you are standing must be bigger than you. Proof that the sun is not at the zenith and that it is not too bad.
  • At noon in the mountains for a picnic? It's still a good time to admire the peaks. Beware, the sun is intense and you do not necessarily realize it with the coolness due to the altitude. Sunscreen, hat, covering clothes and glasses are essential.

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