Under the sun

How to protect your little holidaymaker from the sun? At what age is the lens able to protect the eyes? does the sun help synthesize magnesium or vitamin D? To find out, answer this little test of knowledge.

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1. With this brightness, it is better to remain vigilant ...

at. You do not take your child to the beach, the sun is far too dangerous! b. With sun cream, anti-UV glasses and a cap, it does not risk anything! c. You take all precautions (cream + sunglasses + cap), but you never go to the beach before 4 pm!


Appointment after 4 pm or before 11 am, the sun will be less dangerous. Protect your child from a light cotton t-shirt, a wide brimmed hat, CE-approved glasses and even a FSP 50+ cream. If it is less than 1 year old, keep it in the shade of an umbrella!