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His first real Christmas

His first real Christmas

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Your toddler understands that something was going on outside the box. As for Santa, for this happiness and a thousand other reasons, he had to invent ... Here's how to make the best of this magic.

The garlands, the Christmas tree, the Santa Claus, the family reunion, the nursery, the gifts ... this year finally, all this makes sense for your child. He begins to grasp the concept of party, it will be his first "real" Christmas. Here's how to get the most out of this magic.

Christmas, an important holiday for your child

  • Santa helps him build confidence. How? Because this old mythical gentleman will come from far away to please him. A thought that comforts your toddler's ability to be loved.
  • Christmas is also an opportunity to meet in family in an atmosphere of magic, joy and sharing. This meeting allows your child to understand that he belongs to a community with which he has a common history.

Between real and imaginary: where is it?

  • At its stage of development, the capacity to represent things and the absent people develops: your child has access to what is called the "symbolic function". That's why he can imagine Santa Claus, this fascinating character ... and look forward to his coming.
  • He does not yet distinguish well between reality and the imaginary. Christmas, with its wonderful universe, will stimulate his imagination ... a major asset for the development of his intelligence and creativity.
  • At the nursery, at school, at the maternal assistant or at your home, he will certainly hear about Christmas, Santa, gifts. No matter how you mention it, it will retain some mystery.

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