Your baby 0-1 year

His first haircut

With its wicks of all lengths, your toddler has a funny face? It's time to think about his first haircut. Our advice and video.

The sides: pay attention to the symmetry

  • Hair washed and disentangledSitting on your highchair, take care of your child with a toy. Equipped with good hairdressing scissors, first attack the hair on the sides of the head. Take a wick between your index finger and middle finger, smooth it and cut it to the middle ear. Better stick to it and do not cut shorter. This could reveal an establishment still a little poor. Because drying, the hair back, especially if they buckle. Before continuing, even the other side and make sure the hair is level.

Nape: clear but not excess

  • Draw on the length of the first cut wicks to advance the cut backwards. Follow the oval of the head and quickly outline the contour on both sides of the neck. If you are tempted to clear the neck, be careful and leave a reasonable length: 1.5 cm at the shortest places. Without embarking on a degraded scientist (the hairdresser will take care of it the next time), locate the longest locks on the top of the head and harmonize the lengths.

Final touch: underline the look

  • Some children have a layout that lends itself to the fringeothers not. For the first, stretch a lock between your fingers and cut it below the level of the eyebrows. Whether you want to give a rounded style, that is to say "bowl", or straight, leave the center and progress to the sides respecting the symmetry.
  • For children whose hair does not fit naturally in fringe, it is necessary to respect the movement on the side. Stay cautious with an ear and leave a longer length than the one considered spontaneously.

2 tips for your well-being

  • 100% calm ... or almost. To prevent your baby from fidgeting too much at the risk of missing the cup, consider taking care of it. You can put him on his highchair by giving him a little toy that will amuse him during the cup or on your lap while his dad sitting in front of him makes a diversion. Avoid keeping his head, it would only annoy him.
  • Gentle massage. After the haircut, as after each shampoo, massage the scalp of your baby by styling it in all directions with a soft natural bristle brush. This stimulates the blood circulation, aerates the hair and provides well-being for your toddler.

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