Christmas tree: our clever advice

Christmas tree: our clever advice

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Christmas is coming and the traditional purchase of the fir tree too! Which variety of fir tree to choose? What are the tips for buying, keeping and getting rid of it? Our advice fir-malin!

Fir: Which variety to choose?

  • The Nordmann fir: discovered by the botanist Alexander von Nordmann (1803-1866), hence its name, it is the most sold each year because it resists well (up to 8 weeks), does not sting and does not lose its thorns. An advantage ! On the other hand, it does not smell and costs a little more. There is also and it is new Nordmann fir "red label".
  • Spruce: it is the traditional fir tree. It smells of forest, but is less resistant in our heated interiors, about 3 weeks.
  • The nobilis or pungens: compromise between Nordmann and spruce, this "noble" fir has a bluish green foliage. It also has a woody fragrance and its needles are robust.
  • The fraseri: less known, it is carved in the shape of a pyramid and has dark green foliage and shiny with silvery highlights. He does not lose his needles and a light scent of lemon.
  • And the artificial tree? Whether for manufacturing or for recycling, it uses materials from the oil industry. Bad for the planet! However, why not make yourself this year your tree ... without fir. We give you some good ideas.
  • To know : Christmas trees do not contribute to deforestation. Those sold during this holiday season are specially grown for the occasion.

Tips for buying a tree

According to your needs and the size of your interior, choose it:

  • Chopped off : presented on a log or a cross, it is cut as late as possible to keep all the holidays.
  • In container or pot: ideal if you have a large garden because it can be replanted.

At the time of purchase, make sure that the fir looks good, with bright and abundant foliage. If he is already beginning to lose his thorns, it is a sign that he is already drying out and he will therefore take less time.

If possible, avoid buying your tree in supermarkets because the quality is less often at the rendezvous.

When to buy a tree? It is best to buy it 3 weeks to 15 days before Christmas so that it is still beautiful at the holidays.

Buy your tree on the Internet, a good idea!

More and more families are choosing to buy their fir in Intenret. The big advantage? Home delivery, avoiding the endless tails at this holiday season, and sparing the back, especially when you want a fir size! Here are some sites to buy your Christmas tree online this year:

  • Monsapin.com: a selection of Nordmann fir trees from 36,90 €. Delivery in 48 hours or express delivery with a supplement.
  • Treezmas.com: for a better respect of the environment, this site proposes an original concept: you adopt a fir tree in pot (Nordmann or spruce) and the delivery service also comes to seek it after the holidays to replant it! Smart and eco. Price: from 54 to 109 € depending on the size.
  • Interflora.fr: for the holidays, Interflora goes to the pines with a selection of Nordmann that can be delivered the same day from 49,90 €.
  • Noel-vert.com: this nursery in Poitou-Charentes offers a wide selection of natural pines of all sizes cut or potted for a price between 45 and 279 €.
  • Mylittlesapin.fr: as its name suggests, this site offers delivery in 48 hours of mini fir trees, 30 to 80 cm, with color pot and deco to choose. The prices vary from 31.50 to 53.50 €.
  • Aquarelle.com: Watercolor, these are the flowers, but also the firs! Nordmann or Pugens, prices start from 35 €, delivery (in 48 hours) included.

Fir: which interview?

Tradition has it that the Christmas tree will settle in our homes on Christmas Eve until Epihany, but it's long before we buy it to enjoy the magic of Christmas in advance. Hence the importance of knowing some conservation tips.

  • Cut fir without roots: bevel a few centimeters from the trunk and place it in a bucket of wet sand. Remember to spray the foliage every day.
  • Container or potted fir: sprinkle it and spray foliage regularly.

To avoid drying out, do not place your tree near a heat source.

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After the holidays: have the recycling reflex

  • If it is a tree with roots that you have chosen this year, you will be able to replant it in the garden.
  • Your tree is rootless? Many municipalities organize collections to recycle fir trees after Christmas. Inquire at your town hall. Think also of large brands of garden centers that also offer recycling fir.
  • Avoid burning it in your garden as this releases CO2. On the other hand, you can use it in the fireplace as firewood.
  • You can deposit it in the dump, it will be used for the fertilization of the grounds.

5 tips to enjoy your Christmas tree safely

Frequent and numerous accidents occur with Christmas trees during the holiday season. Here are the recommendations to follow to avoid any problem:

  • Secure the tree on a solid base so that it does not tip over.
  • Do not place candles nearby or, worse, on a branch of the tree! It could catch fire, especially if it is very dry.
  • Before installing light strings, check their condition and read the instructions carefully. Also make sure they are well designed for the interior.
  • Never leave the tree lit when you leave the house or when you go to sleep.
  • Do not leave your young children alone in front of the fir tree.
  • Avoid overloading multiple outlets on an extension cord near the Christmas tree.

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