Pension reform, new measures

Pension reform, new measures

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At the heart of the social debate, the government tabled yesterday two amendments to the pension reform project. These concessions propose to maintain full pension at 65 and not 67 for some parents, especially those who have temporarily interrupted their work to raise their children. Measures that could give hope to young parents today? (News of the 08/10/10)

  • The first amendment concerns the mothers of three children, born between 1951 and 1955having stopped working for at least one year to care for their children. They will be able to benefit from a pension without a discount at age 65. Nearly 130,000 women are concerned.
  • The second amendment allows parents of children with disabilities who have had to stop working at full retirement at age 65.

Government easing in response to some women's issues

Knowing that :

  • 22% of women stop working to raise their children.
  • 44% validate a complete career (for 86% of men).
  • the rate of their pension is 42% lower than that of men.

Limited concessions

  • If the amendment concerning parents of disabled children is not a so-called transitional measure (restricted in time), the amendment relating to mothers has no lasting value for the moment. This is a transitional measure that can be challenged after 5 years.

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