Name Ivanie - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Originals, Rare, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

The definition of this very rare name is not quite known. Nevertheless, it is close to the male first name "Ivan" equivalent to "Jean". "Yehohanan", ancient form of the latter, is composed of the terms "Yeho" and "hanan" that can be interpreted by "God forgives".


Famous Ivania does not exist yet. Your little angel will certainly be next.

The personalities named Ivan are however very numerous. Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov, playwright and novelist Ivan Cankar, Canadian director Ivan Reitman, racing driver Ivan Capelli, racer Ivan Basso, tennis player Ivan Lendl, director and comedian Ivan Mosjoukine, fabulist Ivan Krylov, the painter Ivan Aivazovsky, the playwright and writer Ivan Turgenev, the 1904 Nobel laureate of medicine Ivan Pavlov and the famous Ivan the Terrible.

His character :

Dynamic and active, Ivania has an overflowing and positive energy. Insightful, awake and intelligent, they are very attentive to their environment. Curious and passionate, they are interested in almost everything and excel in all areas.


That male derivatives: Evan, Ewan, Giovanni, Hannes, Hanno, Hans, Ian, Ioannes, Ivano, Jan, Jann, Jano, Janos, Janot, John, Johann, John, Jehan, Joao, Johan, Johann, Johannus, John , Johnny, Juan, Sean, Vania, Yanis, Yann, Yannick and Yvan.

His party :

December 27th.

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