Decline the epidural, a choice

Decline the epidural, a choice

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They want to give birth as naturally as possible, to live fully the birth. Who are these women who sometimes have trouble being heard?

Want to give birth without epidural, "natural" is the wish of some future mothers. "There is today a sociological trend encouraging a return to nature, including in the field of birth," says Christophe Massin, psychiatrist. But to associate this phenomenon with a simple mode would be totally reductive. There is much more than an ideological belief of the moment ... "So what purpose do these women pursue by giving birth without painkillers? Let us listen to these future mothers who have decided to say" no "to the dominant" all-epidural "speech ...

"I want to give birth without an epidural to feel my body"

"For my first baby, I gave birth under epidural, it was too dosed and I did not feel anything, in the strict sense of the term .. No pain, but no sensation either! It really frustrated me not to to have lived the passage of my baby For my second child, I want to give birth without epidurals, simply to reconnect with my body I want to live this moment in my guts and not only in my head! ", explains Laure, mother of Lilian , 18 months.

  • If we have gradually been freed from the idea that happiness is won over in suffering, it is difficult to admit that the flesh has a say in every strong event of existence. To refuse the epidural is for some women a way to rehabilitate their body.
  • "The epidural is a particularly subtle art ... And in some hospitals, there is only one anesthesiologist for all services!" Says Evelyne Petroff, gynecologist-obstetrician in Paris. Needless to say, he can not remain at the bedside of every woman who gives birth to adapt the doses of anesthetic as much as possible according to the course of work and the reactions of the future mother. It is also often following a bad experience of anesthesia during a first delivery that some women decide not to use it for subsequent births ...

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