Savory recipes for little cooks

Savory recipes for little cooks

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Pizzas, savory pies, quiches, soups, gratins ... what if today you cook with your children? Here are our top chef salty version ideas to have fun and feast!

Cooking, kids love it! Put your hand in the dough and help you ... a fun and fun activity to share. Pizzas, salty pies, quiches, soups, gratins ... we have concocted ideas of savory recipes to make 4 hands with your apprentice cooks!

Our salty recipes ideas

Pizza maestro

Cherry tomato clafoutis

Quiche Savoyard

Sandwich of the sea

Mashed pumpkins


Arcimboldo, mimosa way

Hamburgers of the ogres marinse

Ribbon of friendship

Salmon tartare

Chicken couscous

Spring Rolls


Fish soup

Provencal pie


Zucchini gratin

Spring salad

Cake with surimi


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