Name Isoline - Meaning of the origin

Name Isoline - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Diminutive of Elizabeth, the name Isoline comes from the Hebrew terms "el", "isha" and "beth" translating as "God protect my house".


Not yet known Isoline ...

Isabelle de France, known as "Blessed Isabelle de France", is the sister of Saint Louis IX. Noted by her piety and temperance from an early age, she was the founder of the Monastery of the Poor Clares of Longchamp near Paris. It should be noted that this abbey was erected in honor of the "Blessed Virgin Mary".

His character :

Isoline is a passionate and lively woman who loves action. Possessing great self-control, she never acts lightly. Indeed, she takes the time to think carefully. Effective and rigorous, it does not give up easily to failures. His independence is very important to him. Isoline needs unforeseen adventures to feel alive. Of a dreamy nature, this person is often dominated by his emotions. Generous and emotional, she gives herself totally for her family. Having a developed sense of communication, she likes to exchange and share.


Ysoline, Isolina, Iseline, Isaline, Ysaline and Izaline.

His party :

People named Isoline are celebrated on February 22nd.

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