Catch up on birth preparation classes

Catch up on birth preparation classes

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"Pregnant 7 months, I have not started the childbirth classes, can I catch up?" Anna Roy, midwife in Paris, answers Pascaline's question.

The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris

  • As part of the follow-up of the pregnant woman, the Health Insurance provides for 7 pre-delivery sessions reimbursed in full. These sessions can be performed by a doctor or a midwife, individually or collectively. They serve to explain the course of pregnancy, childbirth and the consequences of diapers. The pregnant woman learns breathing and relaxation exercises to practice during pregnancy and during childbirth. These sessions will allow her to understand the role of each member of the medical team and the delivery process. They will also help her discover how to care for her baby from birth and prepare for the return home.
  • If these sessions are supposed to start from the 4th month of pregnancy, few women can follow the preparation at birth at this time. It is only from the beginning of their maternity leave, that is to say seven and a half months of pregnancy, that most of them start attending birth preparation classes.
  • No problem therefore to start the courses from the 7th month provided you have anticipated thinking about blocking appointments in the 6th month of pregnancy. Midwives are very often overwhelmed. To make life easier, women can call on a liberal midwife practicing near their homes and who can eventually come to their homes. These sessions will be refunded to them and this even if the maternity in which they planned to give birth gives birth preparation courses!

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