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What does baby feel when he is breast?

What does baby feel when he is breast?

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Feeding does not only respond to a need for milk for your baby: it also tends to reassure him. You build lasting relationships with him. When feeding, all his senses are awake. Many elements remind him of his intrauterine life.

His senses: everything is intense

  • Taste : Like amniotic fluid, milk has various flavors depending on your diet. Its texture evolves too. After three days, the colostrum gives way to the so-called "transition milk", clearer, for after twenty days to become the definitive milk.
  • The smell : the smell of the areola of the breast is very attractive for the newborn. At birth, placed on the belly of his mother, the baby "climbs" to the breast, stimulated by this concentrate of smells.
  • View : the game of looks that occurs between you and your baby is a moment of intense exchange. By feeding one breast then the other, he has access to the diversity of points of view.
  • Hearing: in melee, your heartbeat, your breathing reminds him of the sounds that have punctuated his life in utero.
  • Touch : the warmth and softness of skin to skin is a great source of pleasure for your baby. His "hands games" on the breast would also stimulate milk production. Thanks to the kinesthesia (deep sensitivity of the muscles), your toddler, wrapped by your arms, contained as in the uterine cocoon, feels deeply secure and soothed.

Sucking, a sensation apart

  • Acquired in utero, the suction movement stimulates the breast, while having a soothing function for the baby. The latter, in an unconscious way, transmits messages to the breast, a very sensitive organ according to his needs. For example, at the end of suckling the sucking movements trigger a fatter milk which gives a feeling of satiety and which, because of its texture, limits reflux. Your breast and its language respond to each other acutely. Together they establish an unspeakable communication.

Karine Ancelet