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When to remove the pacifier?

When to remove the pacifier?

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Many babies need the pacifier to reassure themselves, to fall asleep, to calm down ... When to consider to suppress it? The point with the book "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

  • Emy's question: "Our daughter Adèle is now 6 months old and we gave her a pacifier at around 1 and a half months because she was crying a lot and giving the impression of needing to suck something in. Now she falls asleep quite easily for naps And at night, with my husband, we wonder when we might consider removing the pacifier, what do you recommend? "
  • As you have observed, Adele is quite entitled to her pacifier that seems so much to relieve some moments of a world very tiring. She is still a baby, that is to say, very small. But a day will come when she will not need it.
  • When the child is growing up, the pacifier can help him at different times of the day, when he is tired, to fall asleep. It is wise then to accustom him to have the pacifier stay in his bed and take it only at this moment. It is totally useless to give a pacifier to a child who plays, who walks in a stroller and looks around, who babbles, or who does not claim it. And when you feel that your daughter is ready to "forget" her nipple ", you will encourage her:" You slept without a pacifier, you grow up "!

Article from the book "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud (ed.Horay)

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