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What material at bath time?

What material at bath time?

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Seat, cushion or sunbed ... know how to choose the right material to offer your baby a bath of happiness but also safety!

What material for his bath?

Up to 6 months

  • The bath-changing table folding is practical and avoids you to lean in the bottom of the bathtub. It's your back that says thank you! But know that this accessory only serves a few months, because your child will be quickly cramped.
  • The bath recliner (plastic or terry cloth) attaches to the bottom of the large tub with or without suction cups. The interest: you keep your hands free. Attention, most models are still very unstable. Be vigilant Security matters!

Beyond 6 months

  • The seat "swim ring" helps babies from 6 to 10 months to sit in the bathtub, but beware of suckers improperly fixed or placed on a bathtub too enclosed. Check the condition of the suction cups regularly.
  • The bath cushion is very practical: he is wet with water and welcomes your baby, head well out of the water.

When buying a bathing aid, beware of falsely secure messages such as "floats safely" or "sits safely". Above all, do not walk away from your baby and always keep an eye on him ... even if you ring the bell!

Find all the good gestures to give him his bath in our video.

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