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What baby songs?

What baby songs?

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From birth, and even in utero, babies enjoy music and songs. It's excellent for awakening, relaxing. Lullabies, then rhymes, discover the songs adapted to baby and our nursery rhymes in video.

Baby's interest in music starts before birth

  • At 6 months of intrauterine life, the organic and nervous system of fetal hearing has matured. He reacts to sounds. Studies have shown: we have associated a musical sequence with spontaneous movements of the fetus, then we replayed this musical sequence and we saw that it triggered movements in the fetus.

The baby remembers what he heard in his mother's womb ...

  • Studies have also shown that a fetus regularly exposed to certain "auditory stimuli" during pregnancy remembers later. For example, a baby quiets more easily by listening to music that has been exposed in utero.

Music, songs, nursery rhymes ... what do babies like to listen to?

  • Babies are fascinated by all the sound vibrations. Their listening can thus be attached to music, to noises, to voices spoken or sung. The voice, especially that of the parents, which they perceived well before their birth, is a very attractive sound element for them. They weave an emotional bond with these specific voices very early. They are also sensitive to vocal expression in all its dimensions: accompanied by a smile, physical contact, warmth, rocking. Music has a calming effect on babies.

Lullabies, the first baby songs

  • The first baby-friendly song is the lullaby. It exists in all cultures, and it promotes in all cultures their falling asleep. But that does not mean that we must confine ourselves to the child repertoire and forbid other songs that we love as an adult. On the contrary ! All songs can please children when they are sung with emotion.

Apart from lullabies what to do to listen to a baby?

  • You can make him listen to nursery rhymes and then teach them. It's funny rhymes there are lots of games of sounds and rhythm games! By not forgetting two things: first of all, a little child needs rituals. This means that you do not need to offer him a quantity of nursery rhymes and songs. On the contrary: it is better to select only those he prefers, and make him a compilation. Not to mention that a CD, will have much more interest for a toddler if he sees his mom sing the songs, beat the measure, in short, share it with him!

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