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What milk for a constipated baby?

What milk for a constipated baby?

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"My baby is constipated, what milk do you give him?" Professor Patrick Tounian, Head of Nutrition and Gastroenterology at Trousseau Hospital in Paris, answers Stephanie's question.

The answer of Pr Patrick Tounian, head of the nutrition and gastroenterology department at Trousseau Hospital (Paris) *

  • The constipation of the infant is the difficulty to emit very hard stools, which makes him squirm with pain and become all red while pushing.
  • Constipation does not correspond to not having bowel movements every day. The physiological transit varies from one baby to another: from 3 to 4 stools per day until 1 stool every 3 days. An infant who does not have a bowel movement every day is not necessarily constipated. Especially if he has no difficulty in defecating, even after 3 days, without pushing too hard, he does not have a stomach ache and his stool is soft. True constipation is always associated with specific symptoms - difficulty passing stool, abdominal pain and bloating, and baby complaints.
  • There is no specific milk for constipation. It is possible during a passing episode, to replace the bottle water with Hepar, but not more than 2 bottles in total. Then if there is no improvement, it is better to consult the pediatrician, who will check that this constipation does not reveal an underlying pathology and may also prescribe a temporary change in diet.

* Author of Answers to all the questions you have about your child's diet (Odile Jacob)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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