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What milk for her baby bottle?

What milk for her baby bottle?

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Between 0 and 4-5 months, your baby needs only milk. Yours, of course, or a formula for infants. Among these milks at first age, remains to know which to choose.

It can never be said enough: nothing beats mother's milk, perfect in every way. But for various reasons, breastfeeding is not always possible. Baby milks, or infant formula, are made to meet the nutritional needs of your baby.

What do baby milks contain?

The composition of the milks at first age, clearly defined in a ministerial decree of January 11, 1994, is elaborated in order to ensure a correct digestion and a perfect assimilation by the body of the toddler. This very strict regulation indicates that they can substitute for breast milk.Milk for infants, based on cow's milk, have been transformed to get as close as possible.

At the base of infant milk, cow's milk, but processed to restore the best possible dietary balance of breast milk. Recall thatit is not advisable to give cow's milk to your child before 1 year, and at best at 3 years old.

  • A studied dose of protein:Not only is cow's milk three times too "protein" for your baby, but it is also made of casein, an insoluble protein that is difficult to digest. Also, the protein intake is decreased and the proportion of casein adapted to your baby's appetite. If he is particularly hungry, the pediatrician can prescribe a milk with unmodified proteins, dominated by casein, which will satisfy him; if not, he will advise you a milk with adapted proteins, poor in casein.
  • A carbohydrate supplement:Cow's milk contains two times less than breast milk, this time to add, especially lactose, milk sugar, which ensures good brain growth and balance of microbial flora.
  • A cocktail of vitamins:To provide a content at least equal to that of breast milk, cow's milk is enriched with vitamins C (to fight against infections and strengthen the natural defenses) and D (to promote the absorption of calcium and ensure the strength of the skeleton ).
  • A balance of minerals:A lower amount of sodium helps to spare his kidneys still unable to assimilate, while a supplement of iron, essential for the manufacture of blood, helps fight against anemia and strengthen its immune defenses ...

Which baby milk to choose?

Generally speaking, nothing is more like a standard first-age milk than ... standard 1st age milk! This means that in case of a problem of replenishment for example, you can, contrary to an accepted idea, substitute another brand, bought in pharmacy as supermarket, without fear for the health of your child. On the other hand, there is no question of self-medication if your baby suffers from one of the following disorders:

  • Il is allergic or is it at high risk because you and / or your dad suffer from allergic disorders? In this case, the pediatrician will prescribe an anti-allergy milk, called protein hydrolyzate. Beware of other milks (soy milk, goat milk, donkey milk or mare milk) with which there are strong allergies crossed with cow's milk proteins.

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