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Which teething ring to choose?

Which teething ring to choose?

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Ouch! Your little one is teething and it hurts him? Offer him a teething ring to chew. This little object should relieve him quickly.

  • When your child suffers from the teeth, he is grumpy, he has red buttocks, he screams for a yes, for a no ... Apart from a pain treatment and some specific seat care, there is a small object that relieves his painful gums: the teething ring. To test absolutely!

What is a teething ring?

  • In fact, there is not one, but several models of teething rings. Either it is a single object in soft material (a key, an animal, a pacifier ...), that your baby will be able to nibble, or the teething ring is in fact a gripping ring which comprises several small subjects , of different shape and color.

It's used for ?

  • Your baby chews at his teething ring to massage his inflamed gums and soothe the pain, especially when the lateral incisors or first molars appear.
  • Some teething rings are more effective if they are of different shapes and with structured surfaces. Still others - filled with water or gel - are refrigerable. After a few hours cool, they immediately soothe toothache by making the dental breakthrough less sensitive.

Did you know ?

  • Teething rings with gel inside have a much higher cooling capacity than those filled with water.
  • The teething ring has another purpose: it allows your baby to manipulate and exercise his dexterity.


For the first teeth

  • There are teething rings with different surfaces that massage the gums: provided with rounded pimples, they favor the breakthrough of the first teeth; with conical pimples, they accompany the arrival of premolars while massaging the gums.

Refrigerated rings

  • All major brands of baby care offer models filled with water or gel that must refrigerate a few hours in the fridge. They immediately soothe toothache by making dental breakthrough less noticeable.

The rings of awakening

  • The teething ring allows your baby to manipulate and therefore exercise his dexterity. Some models make him discover different shapes, textures, colors, even smells.

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