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When will he break his teeth?

When will he break his teeth?

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The appearance of teeth raises many questions for parents. In what order do they grow? Is it painful? What are the ailments associated with teething? The point with Dr. Alain Amzalag, dentist.

  • The time of the first tooth does not ring at the same time for all babies. And all are not equal before the demonstrations that accompany the eruptions ...

In which order do the teeth appear?

Click on the image to see the order of exit of the teeth

Is their breakthrough painful?

Your baby may be cranky, restless, experiencing a sharp pain ... which does not fail to wake him up at night!

  • What to do ?
  • Pamper the even more than usual. Walk him in your arms, talk to him gently ...
  • Offer him a teething ring. Some, after a passage in the refrigerator, offer the soothing virtues of the cold.
  • Use a softening herbal gel (chamomile and marshmallow) sold in pharmacy and drugstore. Apply it on his gums before performing a light massage. The calming effect is almost immediate. The formula has the advantage of containing neither alcohol nor glucose (caries factor). Similarly, dental balms also sold in pharmacies are effective.
  • Do not hesitate to give him paracetamol or a homeopathic remedy if your doctor advises you.
  • Offer him foods that are easy to swallow, for example purées (not too hot) and yogurts.

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