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When to go to the 2nd age milk?

When to go to the 2nd age milk?

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"My son is going to be 6 months old and does not drink milk yet, is it serious?" Professor Patrick Tounian, Head of Nutrition and Gastroenterology at Trousseau Hospital in Paris, answers Sandrine's question.

The answer of Pr Patrick Tounian, head of the nutrition and gastroenterology department at Trousseau Hospital (Paris) *

  • When food diversification is well established, the transition from milk to first-age milk ensures the nutritional needs of the child while the latter decreases its consumption of milk.
  • With the exception of lipids whose content is reduced, the milks age contain a little more protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, carbohydrates ... This concentration a little higher will ensure the daily needs at the time of diversification food induces a relative decrease in the quantity of milk.
  • The transition between milk age and age must be done officially when one of the daily meal of the child is fully diversified, that is to say without milk infant and composed of a puree of vegetables- meat and a dessert.
  • The differences between the two milks are not so important. The passage from one to the other can wait until the stock of milk age is exhausted. And this even if one of the meals is fully diversified! No need to throw the box without having used it completely. Parents can reassure themselves. A transition made a little too early or a little too late will have no impact on the growth of the child!

* Author of Answers to all the questions you have about your child's diet (Odile Jacob)

Interview by Frédérique Odasso

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