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When baby does not sleep enough

When baby does not sleep enough

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Your toddler is awake more often than most other babies. This lack of sleep seems to tire him. He is irritable during the day and often cries. On your side ... you are exhausted! The advice of our specialist.


He can not fall asleep

  • From about 6 months, your baby will sleep less and less during the day. On the other hand, his sleep time will increase from about 9 hours at the age of 3 months to 12 hours between 6 months and 1 year. The duration of this sleep varies according to the children. There are small and big sleepers. But your baby is struggling to fall into the arms of Morpheus. Often because he does not take the "train of sleep" in time.

What has to be done

  • Look for signs of fatigue: he can rub his eyes, have red eyebrows, suck his thumb ... And as soon as they appear, do not delay to put him to bed. Do not take him in your arms so that he falls asleep. This would prevent him from developing strategies to find sleep alone if he wakes up. In her room, place her cradle in front of the door, the side wall. Your infant must be able to look around him.

He wakes up often

  • During a nap or during the night, your toddler wakes up often. While he has fallen asleep recently, you hear him moving or sometimes crying. These small manifestations are often due to the difficulty of going from one sleep cycle to another. In reality, he does not wake up completely.

What has to be done

  • Above all, do not wake him up from his bed and take him in your arms. Do not offer him a bottle either. Gently enter his room to check that everything is fine and put a hand on him to calm him down. This will prevent you from waking him up completely and having even more trouble getting him back to sleep.

He cries a lot at night

  • By the end of the afternoon, your toddler's tears begin to flow and stop. He is inconsolable. These "evening crying" correspond to a normal phase of hyperactivity. Thanks to them, your baby relieves the anxiety accumulated during the day. What has to be done. Favor all that can bring him to appease: give him a bath, create a space of soft light, make him listen to a lullaby ... Lay him in his bed and if he continues to cry, go see him speak to him gently, but do not take him in your arms, the important thing is that he feels that you are at his side.

Mom's words

"The first year, Louis woke up three to four times a night and had trouble going back to sleep, and after a year I was exhausted, even though I was unemployed and did not work. a specialist, she taught me to recognize her signs of fatigue at bedtime, and advised me not to hug her to sleep, I followed her instructions and Louis finally started to sleep well. I said that in the meantime I found work again. "Lucie, mother of Louis, 2 years old.

Marie-Victoire Garcia with Lyliane Nemet-Pier, psychologist and psychoanalyst, author of Me, the night, I never sleep ..., ed. Fleurus, coll. The job of parents.

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