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Childcare: everything for the arrival of baby

Childcare: everything for the arrival of baby

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What material to provide for your room or at the time of the toilet? Which baby bottles to choose if you are not breastfeeding? Is there an ideal stroller? Discover all our tips to prepare the arrival of your baby.

Choose your stroller at the top

Which stroller to choose for your baby? For the comfort and safety of your toddler, do not skimp on the quality of his stroller. Our advice for choosing it and our selection of the best strollers.

Our shopping tips and the best strollers.

Childcare: we equip ourselves!

What are the new childcare features of recent months? Our selection for your baby of love!

What's new for babies?

Choosing the baby bed

Cradle, progressive bed, with bars ... your baby's bed will welcome you long hours. Discover our safety tips. It's an important purchase!

Our advices.

Provide good baby bottles

Bottle feeding is a key purchase at the time of your baby's arrival if you chose this baby feeding method. Which baby bottle to choose? Glass, plastic, silicone? And the pacifiers? Enjoy our tips for your baby.

Bottle user manual.

What products for his toilet

Which skincare products to use? And for his bath? Are perfumes suitable? The advice of our specialist, Dr. Agnès Gougerot, dermatologist.

Make the right choice.

What baby bassinet?

This little "basket" is often a first nest where your baby can sleep. Of course, it is not essential, but it renders many services the first months.

The tips to choose it.

What high chair for baby?

As soon as your young gourmand begins to eat small pots, put it in a high chair. It will be better installed and you more comfortable to feed it. Matter, comfort, security: the points to check.

5 tips to choose.

Put him on a sleeping bag

This bag-pajamas equipped with suspenders, in which you install your baby for the night, is also called "turbulette" or "comforter". Very safe way to protect your baby during the night, it is also a fashion accessory that comes in all colors.

Our advices.

Choose a sunbed

To follow you everywhere in the house, the lounger is the perfect cocoon for your baby from birth to about 8 months. Comfort, safety, price ... here are our tips for choosing it.

Our buying advice.

Choose a changing table

To change your baby, of course a simple towel on your bed can do the trick, but watch out for the kidney trick! Better a real changing table.

Our advices.

The baby carrier or scarf?

Carrying your baby has many advantages: you have your hands free and he is more relaxed thanks to the warmth of your body that secures him. Baby carrier or scarf, what to choose?

Our advices.

Nacelle: how to choose?

It is in a basket, particularly suitable for newborns, that your toddler will lie comfortably and safely for his back. Safety, comfort, practicality: our advice to make the right choice.

Our advices.

Choose a seat-shell

Usable from birth to 13 kg, 12-15 months, the seat-shell, group 0+ is always back to the road, the back with the belt 3 points or the front if the airbag is disabled .

Our advices.

Opt for an umbrella bed

Need an extra bed, easily transportable and foldable, to sleep when sleeping at grandparents' house on weekends? Opt for an umbrella bed.

Our advices.

Your childcare checklist to print

Toilet, change, meal, clothing, walk ... what material to provide for the day you return from motherhood with your baby. Take a look at our list of indispensable baby care products and print it to remember!

I download it.

The changing bag, useful

The diaper bag is a must during the year. On vacation too, it will give you multiple services.

Our advices.

Equip the baby room

Big or small, the room of your little treasure is a haven of peace where comfort must be combined with security.

Our advices.

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