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Protect your children at bathing time

Protect your children at bathing time

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Before you go to the water, (re) go around swimming prevention tips for a good holiday and avoid the most common accidents that often occur to children.

Every year, the summer holidays are bereaved by many drownings, of which children are victims. Every two days, a child under 13 dies by drowning during the summer, recalls the INVS (National Institute of Public Health Surveillance) which also notes that accidents in everyday life are the leading cause of death in children under 15 years old.

1. We do not bathe anytime or anywhere!

  • Before you go to the water, find out about bathing areas, water quality, currents, tides. Avoid risk areas and focus on supervised areas. Relief intervention will be faster if there is a problem.

2. We monitor the weather

  • Check that it's going to be nice, that's good, but we must also remain vigilant on other parameters. Know for example that peaceful wavelets can very quickly turn into a wall of water. Another tip: take into account the swimming flags before venturing into the water, sea or other body of water.

3. We secure the pool

  • It's the law ! Any owner of a private pool is required to put in place a safety device to limit the risk of drowning, especially young children.
  • You have two options to choose: condemn access to the pool outside the presence of an adult by installing a barrier or shelter, or equip you with an alarm system, in case of immersion for example.
  • In any case, at the edge of your pool, keep a pole and a phone at hand. It will prove very useful in case of incident.
  • For more information, visit the website of the DGCCRF

4. Keep an eye on children

  • Remember: no security device replaces active adult surveillance! At the edge of a body of water, you are the last guarantor of the safety of your children. The solution (nice and more), opt for the joys of family swimming, water games ... In short, do not leave them alone!
  • The easiest thing is to teach them how to swim as soon as possible. But even in these conditions, it is essential to equip them with suitable armbands upon arrival near the water. However beware of mattresses, inflatable boats and other inflatable accessories! It is not because they float that the risk of drowning is non-existent.