Name Idrisse - Meaning and origin

Name Idrisse - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs, Celts

Meaning of the name:

The Arabic name Idriss means "studies" or "knowledge". Welsh, it comes from the terms iud meaning "the lord" and laugh meaning "lively". He is therefore translated "impetuous governor".


Still no known Idrisse. Your little one will be so?

Under his Idris and Idriss spelling variants are: Idris Shah, Malaysian sultans, Chad Idriss Déby Itno, French actor Idriss, Franco-Algerian footballer Idriss Ech-Chergui, British producer Idris Elba, Moroccan sultans Idris I and II.

The name Idrisse is used in the Koran to refer to the prophet Enoch, Yared's son in the Bible.

His character :

Able to invest himself body and soul in the realization of projects that are important to him, Idrisse shows an unwavering commitment. Dynamic and active, he needs to take care of the mind as much as possible. From a very young age, one notices in him a pronounced taste for the investigation. A true little detective, he likes to go looking for answers to his questions. The charismatic Idrisse develops his independence from an early age, making him an appreciated and admired individual.


Drice, Triss, Menderes, Edris, Idries, Dris, Idrissa, Ydriss and Driss.

His party :

The Idrises are in the spotlight on January 1st.

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