Name Iago - Meaning and origin

Name Iago - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Hebrew, Original, Rare

Meaning of the name:

The name Iago is a derivative of Jacques or Jacob. In the Hebrew language, it means "heel".


Iago Aspas, footballer of Spanish origin. Iago Falque, Spanish football player. Iago Herrerín, another Spanish footballer.
Iago García, actor of Spanish origin.
Iago Kiladze, Ukrainian boxer.
The Iago are celebrated the same day as Saint Jacques. James of Zebedee, better known as James the Greater, was one of Jesus' disciples. He is also the brother of John of Zebedee.

His character :

Iago is an introverted boy who fears the world around him and tends to fall back on himself to protect himself. Secret, reserved and shy, he is very elitist in choosing his relationships. Intelligent and cerebral, he appreciates complicated situations requiring a long reflection before being resolved. He is a great pragmatist and a foolproof rational. This aspect of his personality allows him to comfort himself when he is prey to doubts and worry. Despite this, he knows how to be serious and thoughtful when the situation requires it. Iago is a boy you can count on. Comprehensive and having a morality foolproof, he likes to help his relatives or anyone who needs him.


Jacques, Jacob, Jakob, James, Jaime, Tiago, Diago and Diego.

His party :

The Iago are celebrated on July 25th.

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