Name Humberto - Meaning and Origin

Name Humberto - Meaning and Origin

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Meaning of the name:

Humberto is a masculine given name of Germanic origin. It comes from the terms "hun" and "berht" which mean "giant" and "brilliant" or "illustrious".


Humberto Maturana, biologist, cybernetician and Chilean philosopher, Humberto Coelho, Portuguese footballer turned coach, Humberto Ramos, cartoonist of Mexican origin ...

Humberto's patron saint is Humbert, a monk in Ain. He spent the end of his life in poverty and prayer after making a pilgrimage to Rome.

His character :

Humberto has an endearing, delicate, emotional and intuitive personality. A shy man with a tender heart, he tends to make his ego disappear for the benefit of others. Its imaginative character gives it a strong sense of altruism, coupled with a certain love for utopia and innovation. His timidity does not prevent him from being sociable and loving the crowd while aspiring to calm and tranquility.


Umberto, Humbert.

His party :

Humberto is celebrated on March 4th.

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