Name Mayeul - Meaning of the origin

Name Mayeul - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Comes from the Latin maius, which means "the month of May".
Specialist of the Middle Ages, Jeanne Bourin gave this name of epoch to one of the characters of the Great Fire.


French musician Mayeul Loisel, French author Mayeul Caire, French writer and biographer Louis-Mayeul Chaudon and Beninese photographer Mayeul Akpovi.

Saint Mayeul was born around 910 in Valensole, in eastern Provence, and died in 994 in Souvigny. He was the fourth Abbot of Cluny and one of the advisers listened to Hugh Capet, Duke then King of the Franks, which allowed him to reform monasteries and place there regular abbots. Mayeul was recognized as a saint immediately after his death, and his cult, which was the first major Cluniac abbey cult, was one of the most important of the Middle Ages, persisting in Puy and Souvigny until the Revolution.

His character :

Mayeul does not stop surprising his entourage. Intelligent and self-taught, he is passionate about studies. Indeed, he demonstrates a studious character and likes to learn. Passionate and perseverant, Mayeul does not hesitate to use all means to achieve its objectives. Thoughtful, however, he knows how to measure the risks of his business and never goes headlong. Insightful, he is able to define problems at the right time and find the right solutions. His natural curiosity, supported by his need to learn, allows him to evolve easily in the professional environment. Mayeul is tempted by careers where the spirit prevails and which require long studies such as engineering, invention, computer science, medicine, etc.


Maeul, Mayeule and Mayol.

His party :

The Mayeuls are celebrated on May 11th.

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