Name Mathias - Meaning of thumbs

Name Mathias - Meaning of thumbs

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Origin of first name:

Elders, French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

From the Hebrew matityahu, "gift of god". This is one of the many derivatives of Mathieu.

The name Mathias comes from the Hebrew words matith and yah being translated as "gift of God".


French football player Mathias Autret, German footballer Mathias Abel, Swiss cyclist Mathias Frank, French writer and translator Mathias Énard, French singer and songwriter Mathias Malzieu, French filmmaker Mathias Ledoux, Guinean international footballer Mathias Pogba, French rapper and producer Mathias Cassel.

Saint Mathias was one of the 72 disciples of Christ and he was chosen by lot to replace the traitor Judas as an apostle.

Saint Mathias, one of the most faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, was appointed to replace Judas after the Ascension. This great evangelist died a martyr during his mission of Christianization in the Germanic countries.

His character :

Mathias is a generous and affectionate being. He is always helpful to others. Solidary and altruistic, he does his utmost to please those around him. With a great sense of duty, he takes his responsibilities to heart. Sometimes communicative and sometimes silent, Mathias adapts easily to all situations.

Mathias is known for his listening skills and his sense of friendship. Open and sociable, he enjoys moments of sharing with friends or colleagues. Born leader, he has the capacity to manage a team thanks to his practical sense and his authority. Efficient and methodical, Mathias easily achieves his goals.


Matthias, Mattias, Matt, Thiess, Matias, Mathyas, Matyas, Mattyas, Matthias, Matt, Mathis, Matthew, Matthew.

His party :

The Mathias are celebrated on May 14th.

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