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Work your perineum with prenatal yoga

Practiced five minutes a day, this pose will allow you to relax your perineum to facilitate the release of your baby and better recover after delivery. Yoga: all videos Director: Studio Kinokho Editing: Studio Kinokho Director: Frédérique Odasso. Sylvie Le Ven (coordination and style) To discover:
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Your child 1-3 years

Tricycle: how to choose it

Before riding a bike, real life, your child will exercise his legs on a tricycle, a chassis with three big wheels well stable. Our advice for choosing it. The tricycle: a must With the tricycle, your little sportsman learns to pedal safely. But be careful, pedaling is not always easy and requires a good coordination of movements that will be acquired around 2 years.
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One game: Santa's hood

From December 1st to the 25th, offers you an idea a day to accompany your children around Christmas. A nice way to put your heart into a party and calm impatience. Today, December 12: a game around Christmas! He will soon arrive with his hood, Santa Claus! What impatience ... so, wait, propose to your elves this little fun game.
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Your child 3-5 years

Back to the nursery school: the first year of school

Your child enters a small kindergarten section? The Apple of Api magazine offers you a primer to read and download keywords to know to accompany him throughout his first year of school. And ensure the return of your little one in all serenity ... or almost! Atsem Five small letters to designate the specialized territorial agent of the nursery schools.
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Name Jan - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name: Hebrew Meaning of first name: The name Jan originates from the Hebrew name "Yeohanan" which can be interpreted in the sense of "God gives grace". This is one of the many derivatives of the first name Jean. Celebrities: Belgian footballer Jan Vertonghen, Czech religious reformer Jan Hus, Belgian painters Jan Van Eyck and Jan Mabuse, Dutch Jan Vermeer and Jan van Goyen.
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